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Why did my transaction fail?


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  • Drew Lundie (dmlundie

    I'm not able to update my bank account. I realize there is a policy about doing this... but what is the point of having the app and using your service with a closed bank account? I even have a loan payment that began processing yesterday and now you're telling me I cannot update my banking information. How do you expect your service to function if you allow loans to be sent to a closed bank account? You are effectively preventing borrowers from receiving loans, who may have had a need to make a change to their account. Do you expect users to have 1 bank account for eternity? Would you not want to offer some level of flexibility to users when it comes to receiving a loan? People that need loans need flexibility...

    Wouldn't you want to confirm that the bank account is active before issuing a loan or at least provide some sort of method for users to indicate that banking information has changed? You're allowing closed bank accounts to remain on my Lenme profile and you're saying I cannot update or revise that information. So I guess I can no longer use the app? Ever? Do you see how that is sort of.. confusing? I now have a transaction in progress that will not process successfully because you will not address this issue. So now what...?


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