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How does Lenme verify the identity of the borrower?



  • Tija Martin (boo82688

    How do you take a picture of barcode on the back of the ID to finish you profile and verify your identity? I've tried several times and can't get it to work.

  • Joshua Nott

    I'm having trouble too. I took a pic of the front no problem, but don't have the camera shutter button when it says to get the barcode. I've tried everything and nothing has worked. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Terri Komornik

    Has anyone figured it out yet

  • Amire Jackson

    I'm having this same issue

  • William Thompson

    And I'm still having the same problem months later.

  • Jesse Raines (bravens5286

    Its automatic. Basically their way of saying no new customers without saying those words. They have been in the middle of a remodel from the ground up and got too big too quick.

  • Johnny Lee Nickens

    Is there any other way to get verified because my driver's license is expired I have my prison id my social and birth certificate

  • Mason Kinsey

    When updating my profile, it tells me to input SSN. When I do, a screen pops up stating my SSN is being used on another account. Thing is, I don’t remember having another account and Lenme won’t tell me any specifics.

  • Ashley Sexton

    Why wont it  snap a picture of my barcode?

  • Pat Tavis (tavispat

    i cant snap a picture of my bar code either


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